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David Archer Band Bios

David Archer
plays guitar, keyboards, and harmonica, and sings lead vocals, in addition to doing all of the booking and business work for the band. He has been involved in music his whole life. 

He toured Europe for a year in the early '80s as a solo singer/guitarist and performed in many countries, and even spent one season entertaining at the famous Swiss ski resort, St. Moritz

He and his band have performed at well over 1000 of Charleston's top events since 1983. He also performs as a "one man band" or in a duo or trio setting. David is the owner of Archer Music Service.    

George Kenny is a master musician and retired band director with over 50 years of professional experience. He plays alto, tenor, and soprano sax as well as flute, piccolo, trumpet, bass, and percussion. 

He has been featured during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival with his own concerts and with other artists. 

He has been with the band for over fifteen years.






Chuck King is the band's fine bass guitar player.  He is well known in the area for his versatility and the ability to instantly fit into any style of music. 

Chuck was with Lonnie Hamilton and the Diplomats for many years. They were the house band at Henry's in downtown Charleston, SC, for about ten years. 

Chuck's rock-solid timing and driving bass lines help to make the David Archer Band the tight musical unit that it is. Chuck also designs and builds custom musical instruments and speaker cabinets.



Charity Carpenter is the featured female vocalist of the David Archer Band.  A child star in her home state of Virginia, she was well known by the age of ten from appearances on TV, radio, state fairs, and pageants.  

Her talent, enthusiasm, and energy take the band to a whole new level. Charity has a great stage presence and loves to go out into the audience to involve them in the music. She is the "spark plug" that every event needs! Truly a professional singer, she is equally comfortable on the torch songs of the '40s, Motown, Disco, and Contemporary Pop and Dance music. She covers the songs of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Sarah McLachlan, and Cher, to name only a few. 

She also plays keyboards on a number of tunes.


Frank Cothran is the groupís dynamic drummer. His energy and groove really help to drive the band and excite the audience. He is an expert on  authentic jazz and Latin rhythms as well as all of the various dance styles. 

In addition to playing drums professionally, Frank is highly in demand as a drum and percussion instructor.





Chris Crosby
Although barely 30, Chris is a veteran of a number of local bands. He also is highly in demand as a solo guitarist/vocalist.

Chris's soulful lead vocals and excellent keyboard and guitar playing make him a valuable asset in the band. His wide repertoire brings a whole new dimension to the band








David Archer Band Playlist

David Archer Band


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