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Wall Street Journal Article Featuring David Archer

David Archer
David Archer knew from the time he was a small child  that music was very important in his life. He began asking for musical toys at a young age and was constantly banging on the furniture, first with pencils and then drumsticks.

He began on the clarinet in the fourth grade. He played clarinet, bass clarinet, and contrabass clarinet throughout high school and college, where he played in the Clemson University Bands. He graduated from Clemson with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

David began playing in garage bands in the sixth grade, playing drums at that time. He gravitated toward the guitar during college. Shortly after college, he went to work for a local music retailer, Fox Music House. He began playing solo guitar/vocal gigs in the mid Ď70s at local clubs, restaurants, and resorts.

In the Fall of 1982, David set off for Europe. With his guitar on his back, he made his way to one of the Alpsí ritziest ski resorts, St. Moritz, Switzerland. He quickly landed gigs at two local pubs, got a seasonís ski pass and settled in for the ski season. After the end of the ski season, he traveled for the rest of the year throughout Europe. He entertained in 12 countries and had lots of wonderful experiences along the way.

At the end of one full year, his ticket was about to expire, so he came back home to Charleston. He got his old job back at the music store. Around that time, the David Archer Band began playing in the Charleston area. Starting off as a duo, the group has grown to six pieces. Later, David began playing keyboards and has added that instrument to his repertoire.

Davidís many years on the local music scene as well as working for over 20 years in local music stores makes him uniquely qualified to assist people in planning the entertainment for their events. He has the advantage of having known and worked with most of the local musicians for many years.

Also, his client has the advantage of dealing with a musician, rather than merely a sales agent. David is able to advise on many aspects of the event, due to his personal attendance and involvement in thousands of successful events in Charleston.

For hobbies, David enjoys music, computers, food & wine, exercise, boating, and photography.


Paula Archer
Paula was born and raised in Ohio and graduated from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, PA. She has lived in the Charleston area for over fifteen years. Paula is a registered nurse with a specialty in operating room nursing. She currently only works a few days per month in nursing, spending
most of her time working in the agency.

Paula is involved in all aspects of Archer Music Service.  Her near photographic memory and attention to detail make her a huge asset. 
She handles almost all of the accounting and administrative functions of the business.

David and Paula were married in 1990, after meeting at a wedding reception. David was the bandleader and Paula was a friend of the bride. Her task was to work with the bandleader on the timing of the event. The rest is, as they say, history.

Paula enjoys gardening, exercising, needlepoint, boating, and gourmet cooking in her "spare" time.